About The Company

In short, Proud Motion are a full service production company, but the long version is that we are very creative people who offer everything from the spark of an idea to high end video & TV content and everything in between. We create content that is full of consideration for detail and bursting to be seen and we help businesses put ideas in motion.

Ideas are what make us different. A carefully written script, precise choice of music, colouring, balance, timing, casting, location, the list goes on…, is all essential to make your production memorable. Whether it’s a TV campaign, a cinema ad, an event or an overview or documentary, we film and edit outstanding content and manage all pre and post production.

The best producers pick the best team for the job. We’ve been doing this for a long time and are privileged to have worked on some of the best sets and with the best crews in the business. We hand pick talent from make-up to voice artists and we have a pool of the best suppliers who partner with us to bring reinforcements when needed – we are consciously light, fast and responsive and proud to have a solid industry reputation and a punch that no-one sees coming.

Our story

David and Jill started Proud Motion in 2012. After almost 12 fantastic years of life-on-the-go in the Film & TV industry and Jill’s career as a Marketing Director, they became parents and the ‘Proud’ era was born. Proud of family, achievements, adventures and people around them – and full of creativity, Proud Motion was established to build a company that’s core focus is creativity, integrity and good times.

Our approach

Combining years of production, marketing and business experience for national and international brands, we keep our approach simple. We have fantastic in-house talent who are always hands on and who take care of everything a project requires. We are confident and we approach projects ready to make everyone win. We want to see you winning so we do everything in our power to help make that happen.

Our approach is to make great content achievable for any project of any size and to put eye-catching ideas in motion in ways you never considered. We take the lead because that’s what we are here for, but we will work with you every step of the way to deliver a powerful tool you can be proud of, that is memorable, compelling and demands attention.

We are proud of our business approach and we don’t stop working until our clients are proud too.

Proud Motion

Proud Motion proudly presents

David McKinnon


David is the founder of Proud Motion and has over 15 years experience in film, TV and video production. He brings creative direction to each project and oversees filming and editing.  From working on blockbuster films to TV drama and high end advertising campaigns, he brings a wealth of industry knowledge and technical expertise.

Jillian McKenna


Jillian has over 15 years experience in marketing, brand development and large-scale event management.  She develops creative ideas and campaign concepts and works with the team to produce visual content and scripts.

Jade Gough

Production Director

Jade oversees the production process from start to finish. She handles the post production for TV and Cinema, working closely with Clearcast and Adstream to manage delivery to broadcasters. With a strong marketing & events background  she works with the team to produce visual content and scripts for clients.

Susan Cruickshank

Editor & Designer

Susan is a graphic designer by trade, with over seven years of agency experience working across a broad range of sectors. She provides the extra touch by creating unique motion graphics and visual assets for each production and to make sure you are web and social media ready.

Gordon Sommerville

Film-maker & Editor

Gordon works with David to produce outstanding edits. He has many years experience editing TV adverts, corporate videos and documentaries. Gordon also has a wealth of experience in camera operation and animation.

Denis Mallon

Animator & Designer

Denis is a designer with over 10 years commercial experience in digital, motion graphics and animation. He works with the team to deliver high impact animation, bringing your ads to life!